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donald duck movies

Emperor Harkonnen

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Direct Connect is pretty much like mIRC. You download a program, you create a directory where you want to download your files into, but the same directory is also made for other to upload from. The only "bad" thing with DC is that you must have a pretty big share, at least 10 gigabytes, if you want to be with "the big guys". You connect and pick a hub, you read the rules which is often: no animal xxx, no under 18 xxx, no dc++, no kid xxx (of course!), no snuff xxx. There may be other rules, and if there are you can read them there. After this, if no one kicks you, you can begin to search for donnald duck. Don't mess with the ops, play nice, and you should be able to download everything you wish for, say music, movies (complete dvd quality!), games and, well, xxx :P... It's kind off __legal, but well, you get the point ...

I hope...

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