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Editors,programs to cheat?

death angel

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With a editor you can make a light infantery into god-like soldiers.Or it can raise the difficulty to ultra intensive.Editors(e.g:tibed)cheating machines or ultra intensive setters?

you can(should!) use wordpad. TibEd isn't as good. you can change stats, make new units, weapons, etc with wordpad (not notepad notepad is bad).
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Rules.ini hah that file gave me quite a lot of fun 8)

infantry with 16" cannons

Nuclear grenadiers

torpedo bombers (this one was the best)

planes that do not have to reload


anti tank dogs

spies with a double colt

and much much mroe

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I don't mind if you call me stupid.How did you use Wordpad to edit?

what do you exactly mean with, "how did you use wordpad to edit?"

Well anyway... it looks a bit of a chaos in the beginning. but later on you'll understand the logics and you can create your own units... it's realy cool... too bad that RA is so old now though :)

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Yep, www.gamehack.com, Download game hack demo, IM me for a Full version Serial. It can change the value's and Capabilities of Units.

Hehe for the record(Don't try 2 minimize;activate it and minimize back when online, cause then..you would be cheating ONLINE, SO DONT DO that)

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