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First fan fic thread that I made so it may be a little errrr...... ;D.

4,567, the war with the thinking machines has reached a new level as all out war being waged between the humans vs the machines. The only problem is human factions have not all chosen to fight along side each other as some have chosen for odd reasons to actually join the thinking machines in there conquest, a war has begun.


- Make your faction, 4 planets are the maximum allowed per faction/House.

- No mass destruction weapons or destroying of machine/human planets without contacting me and getting my approvel.

- Pick Your Side, Humans or thinking machines.

- No god modding.

- No biological or atomic weapons, great convention exists

- Projectile weapons are used, lasguns are EXTREMELY rare as they are expensive to have.

- Earth still exists under conflict as half is human controlled and the other is machine.

- No killing of main charecters or major places in single post.

- Normal Fan fiction rules apply.

- No already known Houses such as Atreides, Harkonnen, Sardukar, etc...But main charecters may be used from Houses, such as Poster One controls John Atreides.

Planets Under Machine Control

Ghulat, 1/2 Earth, Jupiter, Thalaxian, Gedi Prime ( Machine Stronghold ), 7 unanmed moons, uterlask, normyail and any planets human players that decide to join machines have.

Planets Under Human Control

1/2 Earth, Salsasudectris, Caladan, Hagel, Kiatan, Draconis, Marshalick, 6 un named moons, Mars, and any other peoples planets who side with humans.

Well I start by making my faction, I will be on the side of the humans.

House Thalix- Main stronghold on Caladan, has 3 other moons and Yurtesat, and humidan as other planets. Has large space fleet and a good goverment with plenty of fighters, very large orbital defense.

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Machines - a real cymek no one ever talks about: Herxes the Decimator. House Herxes rules a huge moon outside of Jupiter's orbit. It has abundant resources being mined, and artificial gravity tanks stationed at strategic points, along with an elaborate Holtzman shield webbing surrounding the moon that totally disrupts electronic equipment. Facilities are underground in shelters, uploading/downloading military technology/general knowledge for neo-cymeks and normal machine infantry. The ships are stationed on a nearby moon that falls out of contact due to changes of the orbital path every 6 months, for about two months.

The great Omnius network has been replaced with a more efficient and less-tolerable Alacton Network, that aids in military strategies and tactics.

"Two scouts not in simulation mode should be used at coordinates 23,2,45 for optimal range over receiving of transmission ratio, Herxes", suggested Alacton with a slight ounce of pride in his calculations.

"That is not relevant to the matter at hand!", exclaimed Herxes as he pounded the table in front of him with the temporary module arm.

The two human slaves directly inside the door dashed out of the room as not to be there when Herxes becomes really mad.

"The humans grow stronger with every alliance, we must act fast and control the humans that consider turning their backs on humanity. It is then that we strike hard! What do you do all day?", declared Herxes, reading over productivity reports with optical nerve endings on the module arm.

Herxes let out a groan as he put down the paper.

"There are plans being carried out as we speak Herxes. You do not have trust in my efficiency?", asked Alacton.

"What plans?", asked Herxes, ignoring Alacton's question.

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Humans, house Jarith, ruling house over Talsus Prime and Halgus.

Brief history of House Jarith

In 4,539 the ruler of House Jarith, the Duke Richard George Jarith, made a pact with the machines. He joined up with the fight to overthrow any renegade human factions. But he's particulary well known for what he did to his own people.

He wanted to convert the entire human population to cymeks. Body parts of entire city populations were replaced with android parts. This made them the perfect soldiers for his war against other humans, but not only soldiers were transformed, but also a lot of civilians in order to increase their efficiency and diligence.

The living conditions continued to deteriorate and the masses were unhappy about the number of casualties resulting from the war. Recognising the chaos, the dukes cousin Vladimir Jarith gathered up support and lead a proletarian uprising and overthrew the regime. The bio research centres were razed to the ground and clinics were set up with the purpose of removing cybernetic implants.

Despite the fact that the people were given back the humanity, the living conditions weren't improved much under the reign of the new duke Vladimir Jarith II, wich continues till present.

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Machines, house Nightex, Palenet Xerxes, Kighre, Onjex.

Nightex, creeated some time ago, Mechs were built in order to sace the dying humans controling house Nigtex the mechs saw the weak humans as a burden and in one blow wiped them all out, the live by havesting the dead and burning the bodies in Ftyn Acid giving of a gas that can be used as a fuel.

The Main base on Xerxes (formail known as Juin 6) is controlled by the Lord Mech, the second ever made mech of their kind, the fist waas destroyed fighting the humans, they thought without brains they would no longer fight. They were wrong. The Nightex empire has erradicated human life on Knightre and Onjex. They strive to become a larger empire, they may become one with hmans but not thier creators, 'the weak ones'. 'The ones born from Earth.

They are strong in offence but weak in defence. They use Projectile scrap metal from wastes on the floor. They harvest the dead for the're fuel.

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