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my first poem (here)


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As im not a big poetry writer but have written quite a few stories (not here) I thought I'd try my hand.

Please tell me what you think. =)

Fallen Angel

For on that night it was unleashed,

And behold and thus it never ceased,

My anger pain and vengeance sweet,

That burn within to the drummers beat.

And on that night my wrath was found,

And he found me and didst surround,

My fears and laments did he tell,

And whisper as a funeral bell.

Conclusion came, the answer clear,

Become, I would, the source of fear,

And now I shreak and scream in pain,

The remnants of a world insane.

For these, my fears so clearly painted,

Are the deathly blow of being tainted.

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Here's my best:


Why do we fight

Why do we die

Is it right

Should we have to say good bye?

Why is there war

Why is there pain

Is there not law

So why do they die in vain

Why are there rich

Why are there poor

the rich get the golden stich

the poor get the floor

Why is there love

Why is there hate

Why do we shove

can we not wait?

Why is the past

always forgoten

time goes by so fast

inside we are rotten

Life is a game

where we all lose

the stakes are the same

we cannot choose

When will it end

when did it start?

Can we mend

a broken heart?

These are the questions which

we can never answer

we're in a ditch

down in the sewer

Does life have a meaning

Is there a God?

Shoud we be leaning

to money in a wad

Why is there prejudice

Why is there hate

Can't we give it a miss

Say it's not to our taste

Can we not live

in peace and happines

filter through a sive

all this nastyness

Now I will end this poem so true

It made me think and so should you

Comments? Critisisms?

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