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Dune: The Sardaukar


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Few have had to face the Sardaukar in combat, and fewer still have survived. The first real competition the Sardaukar would encounter was coming.

The 342nd Sardaukar Regiment lay sleeping in their cramped barracks, their commanders drinking themselves into uneasy slumbers. The Barracks were not even protected by a shield, such was their confidence. Wind blew through the leaves of the dark forest surrounding them, a chill ran up the backs of night watchmen.

The NE wall's watchmen was a Levenbrach called Orthos. One of the more sensible Sardaukar, while he never spoke out against his General's violence he never agreed with it. On this particular night he had spent an hour being briefed on how to kill more efficiently. Orthos had developed morals late in his career, but could not act upon them. A Sardaukar once is a Sardaukar forever. Unfortunately Orthos would never get a chance to put his morals to good use. He began to take notice of a light humming noise, which he assumed was a bug. The hum gradually became louder until it became a thunder. Orthos slammed his hand into the alarm switch and began yelling. Before a single soldier could react Orthos was vaporized by a lazgun blast, as were his sleeping comrades, and his drunken masters.

The pair of attacking frigates slowly climbed back into the sky and disappeared. The fires burned for three days, and the forest fell.

I'm going to write this myself so I just want comments no additions, thank you. I'll be able to post another large installment wednesday, small sections on other days.

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Sorry I was pressed for time, and its really just kind of the prologue. I'm glad I finally got some comments, but there probably have been a lot of sardaukar fics. But Friday I'm going to post a lot. I can only be on for a short time today and tomorrow, but Friday you can be certain that I'll add a huge chunk.

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Chapter 2

A soft groan was emitted by the large door to the Padisah Emperor's study, as two men entered.

"Who is that Turtha?" Emperor Shaddam Corrino V asked.

"This is a messenger sent by Archdue Armand Ecaz."

What does he have to say?" He pointed at him, and spoke with an annoyed tone.

"From Archduke Armand Ecaz to the Padisah Emperor Shaddam Corrino V. I regret to inform your majesty that the regiment of Sardaukar stationed outside my capital city have been killed. The perpetrators of this act our unknown. A large portion of forest has been..."

The emperor interrupted the messenger, "Destroyed!? How could an enitre regiment of Sardaukar be destroyed? That bases location and existence was kept secret! There were no survivors?"

"None, sire." It was Chamberlain Turtha who said this.

"And we don't know who attacked them?"

"No sir, the attackers departed the planet immediately."

"Contact the Guild, and see if they have any idea who they transported! You, your dismissed." The messenger departed the study.

"Sir the Guild sent a representative down with the messenger, they took on no passengers from Ecaz for a week before and after the attack."

"But how can they travel without the Guild?"

"I had a mentat consider the question, before I brought the messenger to you. His prime projection was that they had their own navigators."

"But that isn't possible, only the Guild knows how to train them."

"Apparently not sire. I have dispatched an investigator to Ecaz, with your permission I will have frigates stationed in it's orbit."

"Do it, I need to think, alone."

Turtha left the study, and the emperor sank into his chair massaging his temples.

I know that that may have seemed a little boring, but I want to make this a very detailed story. I will post more tomorrow.

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I appreciate the confidence. And I can add a new part now. And again I want this stroy to have a lot of development. I like quality writing. And I named the story after the Sardaukar because every few chapters they get their butts kicked.

Chapter 3

The heighliner's gigantic hold opened and spat forth dozens of Imperial frigates. They made their way to a low orbit around the planet, and charged their weapons. They made three rotations around the planet before the attack.

First 3 frigates descended upon them as if out of no were. They pummeled the nearest figates to destruction, and foolded space away from the planet before a return shot could be fired. These tactics persisted until a ring of wreckage formed around the planet.

This time a single squad carrier survived the attack, but was captured by the last attacking frigate to leave. The carrier now sat idle in a frigate bay, surrounded by armed guards. A path was formed by the guards as the ship's commander walked towards the carrier. He stopped 40 feet short and ordered the nearest trooper to open the hold. The doors slid open and 8 Sardaukar poured out firing. 12 men fell to them before they were tranquilized. They were then carried past the circular crest of House Butler into holding cells.

This chapter was just to introduce the attackers. I will post additions later today.

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