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Johnson awoke to complete darkness around him and the cold stone floor beneath him.Using his sense,he felt out his MJOLNIR armor,pulled it on,and turned on his headlight.He gasped.Jutting out from various places were jagged rocks,and his bed was flung upside down onto one of them.He took his 5K66 Assault Rifle and started walking through the crashed ship.As he turned his head from side to side,he saw dead and bloody bodies speared with rocks,or flung to the wall from the impact when the ship crashed.He went up to the bridge and saw the whole Spartan group,Colonel Major Mendez,and a small group of Marines and crew.He jogged over to them.

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Im back to writing this!


Covenant flesh splattered onto the Spartan's as they ran through the surrounding Covenant army.Suddenly 2 huge bulls were visible.The Chief's brow started sweating."Blue-Three!Get into the woods and snipe those bulls' down!1 blue light winked in aknoledgment(I know that I didn't spell that right,but I'm not going to correct it)A Spartan broke off from the group and quickly ran into the forest.A few seconds later there were 2 cracks and the bulls' helmets fell off...

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