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Total War


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Oh,sorry(meant for EarthNuker)

But Ex,maybe consider the possibility of troops coming from RUSSIA?Hmmm? ;) ;)

i ment the russian roads in georiga.

A diplomat is sent to moscow in a effort to solve the georiga problem peacefully.

we propose alowing you to have the northern half of the small country as long as we are alowed to control the sounther portion of the georgia.

sorry M.R that was a acident hit modify insted of quote. fixed it now.

548,000 troops.

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(OOC: Yep. Ok since we need ship stats then:

Destroyer: 200 Troops worth.

Cruiser: 500 Troops worth.

Dreadnaught: 700 Troops worth.

Frigate: 1000 Troops worth.

Galleon: 1500 Troops worth.

Battleship: 2000 Troops worth.

Troops it takes for a certain type of ship in case you were all wondering what the ship/troop conversion rate is.

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The few thousand ottoman troops in algeris prepared for war to the west. there quest maraco and the atlantic ocean. troops from egpyt and greece begin flooding into algeris as well.

so far 48,000 troops

4,000 janisaries

and 5,000 artiler units.

the massive fortress in constaninople is finaly complete.

fortresses and trenches begin poping up along the algerian and greek coastline as well.

a ship is sent to spain containing a dipomat. requesting a non agression pact with spain incase they try to interfeare with the moroco invasion.

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Q'uev orders the construction of another Sea Fortress, 25% complete.

1,000 new troops are sent to aid the 100 troops assigned in the last post in ship construction.

Faction Status: Weak

Political Status: Neutral

Fortress: 1 completed, new Fortress at 25%

Fleet: 2 Dreadnaughts, 3 Cruisers, 4 Destroyers

Artillery: 100 troops

Infantry: 500,000 Police, 1,100 Capital Guard

Additional Construction: 1,100 troops

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