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i got some question for dune book


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after i am buy emperor..i have know what is dune and i am started to find dune book in library.

i am finding the book by the central search system that on library, and the the list are show the follow book that maybe i want.

i have find the book about atreides, about harkonnen, BUT i cant find the book that about ordos !

so the question is : is that no book are talking about house ordos ???

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Yes, in Dune, the novel of Frank Herbert, the Ordos don't exist. They were created by Westwood. Because they needed a third side, which had not specefic relations to the Harkonnen and the Atreides.

About the books.

You should first read Dune. That's the first (and best) novel

The books House Atreides and House Harkonnen (and House Corrino) are the prequels

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Well I think you get a different look if you start with the prequels and if you start with Dune. I read Dune and Messiah first, but only, because there were no prequels at that time. If you start to read Dune from the first book, you'll see, that the next book is completely different from the previous one.

I found a lot of wisdom in the Dune books, especially Children of Dune. I think that's the reason to start with Dune.

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