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No Cheats???


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You know whatz worse about FH Dune?

It has no know cheat except for some strategies and hints which in my opinion are of no use if you wish to complete this game :(

I'm stuck at the robot which keeps firing at me wherever I run to. Once I got stuck in destroyed column in the room. Thatz due to the bugs in the game. I was so frustrated that I left it at that point and never played it for a few months. I tell you it's damn hard to get thru without a proper cheat considering that this game doesn't offer save game option at various scenes >:(

You have to go thru the entire episode all over again >:( I would blame the guys who say this game SUX!

I'm beginning to think so myself :-

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Greetings Fremen!

You're right Fremen!! You get stuck between walls and shit like that and there is no chance to save your progress in the game.The cheats.. OK I can do without them, but no saving... That's below zero! In the beginning Dune was fun, Dune I was nice for the time, not to difficult and fun to play. Dune II was harder, other concept, but still possible to finish. Still fun! Than I got the Westwood version. Harder, nicer, but not better to my opinion! I didn't took the effort to finish it! Now this.... I don't want to see the next, I think it's a piece of crap when they keep evolving in this direction. How is the 'Battle for Dune 'game?? Any comments??

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Just one comment.

Where is the action on action games if you can safe before every hard to preform task.

That doesn't get my adrinaline pumping through my vains.

Have you ever played Tekki ?

When you loose, you really loose. your carracter dies and even games that whipe your safed files or not uncommon.

There is a little more trill in playing agame you can't safe. You have to be good in finishing it, just as in real life. In reality games there are no second changes.

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Now I'm not saying that your wrong gryphon. But this game is unlike any other I've played. I've played many great games and I have never come across anything like FH Dune. It's toally a waste of effort :(

This game can really get on your nerves, when everytime you have to go thru the same level when you die. And getting yourself blasted by Harkonen is simple considering the slow camera movement everytime you change direction.

It's been like a month or 2 since I last played the game and it's still on my PC saved at the Guild Payment Level. I just wish I can have a cheat for this so I can finish it and be satisfied that at least I played the darn game :-

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My comment was more directed to Problem Child than to your origional question.

With FHD I agree with you. Playing it without the abilety to safe when you want would be a total wast. Thinking about all those times I was up at 3 in the morning playing, wanting to go to bed and not be able to safe would be hell.

And about those cheats. In a way I simpatice with you. But then on the other, it is a good way to make the differance between being able to finish it, and not being able to.

This is where the man are seperated from the boys.

[ just don't tell I needed some "advise" myslef, and then I just looked at some one else who finished the game ;) ]

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well IMH FHD reminds me of Metal Gear Solid but with out th eoption to save anywhere... yeah it gets annoying haveing to do the same thing over and over but when you finally get it its almost a breeze... I think FHD was meent to be played like MGS and like a Fremen all sneaky and stuff. Thats what i like about it.

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