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Emperor Harkonnen

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Well I could send you over to what's-his-name's website with a 3d vision of what an ornithopter would be, but he probably wouldn't like it. Also I could send you to pics of Dune by David Lynch but that would probably violate copyrights. My guess is make your own and everyone is happy and you will be more proud of your work rather than "use" it. I drew a hard mosquito but well worth it, and I could have just easily copy/pasted one. But if I find a orni pic I'll im you about it.

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I don't care about those copyrights, I got plenty of pictures already used by westwood, and some I found in a site once, don't remember where. it was this picture of the city barony and a couple of others, I used them. hope that's ok

So I would really appreciate if u could find something for me, and I'll consider to use it.

But if I can't get a picture of an ornithopter I kinda need to extract it from one of those pictures, and that'll just make a lot of extra work.

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