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Ok rules are, six other people make houses besides me. Then we make a story where our Houses are allyed together to face some huge conflict remember, this is a experiment ;D. Heres my House, 6 more to go before story. Until next post, Vilgent.

House Kanjel

Planet- Shinkyon


House Kanjel rules over a agricultural planet of Shinkyon, the planet is cover with 50% water. The autosphere suits great growth of all sorts of organisms and plant life. The planet is also heavy with natural resources. They only downside to this is that the resources are very hard to mine, making the little amount mined each year extremly valuable.


This House has a Duke as the leader, who makes the laws and decide swift military action, when of course his advisors agree. Ever since the planets revolt people have been happy with the goverment set-up, based upon the concept of fair rights for every man, women and child. Thus making the civlization a happy, civilized culture willing to do anything nessacary to have their planet and others benefit in a positive way.


The planet trades vast amounts of green food and animals to distant planets. But its main trade is the crystal called Halmintz. Its chemical base is still unknown but it gives off huge amounts of energy, thus making most Houses in need of it for vast and powerful weapons. Since Halmintz is very hard to mine and to travel the House also wacths stocks and trades of other House minors and House majors in a attempt to grab profit when it sprouts up.


Orange Cathlic bible ( Or however its said )


The planet was torn apart by the disupute of labor and paychecks and fairness to all. Soon a revolt sprouted spliting the planet into to. Soon the revolters claimed victory and set-up a new form of goverment. The leader of the revolt named Nauk was soon crowned the Duke of this planet. He soon bor a hier and died. The royal family has ruled over this planet now for 4 centurys.


In the past the Kanjel and KYA allyed with each other and sent troops to the planet Xutia and together killed 5 legions of Sardaukar. Now the Kanjel and KYA have started working together to build a space fleet bigger then all the rest. No reports have verifyed this, because the spys that went in.....Never came out.


House Kanjel has had many men succed the training to become a swords master and thus they train the men, making this House have the all around toughest close combat men in the Imperium. Also a sizable navy on the home planet accompinied by a good size gaurdian air forcenext post, Vilgent

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(OOC: are we using Dune technology ie will guns be obsolete)

House Catachan

Planet - Catachan

Description - A hostile jungle world with little clear land and were even the plants can attack. Most people die before they learn to walk, half the rest don't live to see ten. But those who do become some of the best fighters ever seen especialy in the jungle. Their main disadvantages are there inexpertise with vehicles of all kinds as they are next to useless in the dense terrain of the jungle.

Government - A mix of tribal leaders and great warriors who elect there most able man evry 2 years currently a man once known as Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken (because of his left arm bionics) but now is called Master Straken.

Trade - mainly in medicinal and recreational drugs and rare plants and wood. Also Catachan knives which are well renowned across the galaxy.

Religion - none people are to busy trying to survive in this world without worrying about the next.

History - Catachan hasn't changed much over the years as they have always been fiercly independent and recistant to change. They can except it they just don't often bother with it as there way of living is perfect for their habitat.

Allies - None are known however they are likly to ally with any race which shows the same values of personal loyalty, physical toughness and determination.

Military - Every man, women and child/teenager over 10 has a knife (part of their becoming an adult) and/or gun (whichever is apropreate to the tech level) and is trained in how to use it. They excel in close quater fighting, ambushing and sniping. They also have a special weapon known as a demolition charge which is extfemly powerful at short ranges. Similar to a grenade in its deployment but more like an artilery blast in its effect.

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House Xanfor

Planet: PCX-249 seventh planet from the giant blue star that it orbits.


House Xanfor's planet, although far from the star that is orbits, experienecs a tropical climate due to the intense heat that radiates from the larger than normal star that it orbits. The natural resources have long been mined from the planet to create a large, highly advanced military defence force. Due to acts of infiltration and attempted sabotage on it's homeworld from other houses, House Xanfor is under a siege mentality, and will not trust others easily at all. The technology of the house allows it to go without mining resources, however mining ships have been seen often on large asteroids...


House Xanfor has 20 individuals in a planetary council. Proposals from any source (be it from a council member or a normal civilian, or even diplomatic relations with other houses, MUST gain at least 60% of the votes for the act to be passed, or it will be automatically rejected. Council members may only be expelled with 80% of the votes in favour of expulsion from the remaining council members, who will then elect a new council member that must have unanimous agreement from all other council members.


Due to it's high level of secrecy,House Xanfor does not trade openly with other houses, for any reason whatsoever. It keeps a close eye on its trade routes, and is always suspicious of whoever it trades with. It's main trading partners are smugglers, that pay vast amounts for various spare parts to weapons that are now considered obsolete from House Xanfor's armoury. Of course, no modern weapons that could threaten the house are ever allowed to escape the planet undetected. If this rare event ever happens, the house may go to extremes to protect its military secrets.


House Xanfor has no religion. Every individual does however, have a fanatical obsession to better the house, even if the cost is their own lives.


Several houses have attempted to infiltrate PCX-249 over 5 years with varying degrees of success. One of the most serious was the infiltration of an isolated weapons research facility at the south pole. The plans for a polar oriented cannon that could fire deep into space were stolen, but the enemy agent did not escape from the star system with the plans, due to his inability to detect the invisible proximity mines scattered throughout the star system.


Due to the distrust that House Xanfor has for any other house in general, it has been reluctant to ally with anyone at all. As a result, the planet has a high emphasis on security, and is completely self sustaining due to its advanced recycling and energy conversion technology.


The planet is set up to emphasize security, and as a result, an orbital defence ring surrounds the planet at the equator. Laser cannons and advanced radar on the ring probe the reaches of space in a large radius around the planet on the lookout for potential hostiles. The military specializes in deep space warfare, siege tactics, covert operations in enemy territory, and sabotage, since they studied and refined the tactics that enemies used to attempt infiltration on their homeworld. The efficiency of the energy weapons in use by the spacecraft of this house mean that battles are usually swift, brutal, and short lived. When outnumbered, cornered, and outgunned, a soldier of House Xanfor will self destruct himself/herself in a massive explosion to prevent enemies from capturing and interrogating him/her. Children are trained to be immune to mind control at the age of 12, and are completely impervious at the age of 15.

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House Seriles

Planet: Darses Secundes

The planet Darses Secundes is covered with tropical rainforests. The population lives in mega cities wich harbor millions of people. Those are built full with skyscrapers. Everything is designed not to damage the beauty of the planet.

The house earns well from several mining operations on both moons around Darses Secundes. No significant mining operations occur on the planet because they tend to damage the environment. Apart from mining the house earns a modest income from several small scale industries on the planet.

The house keeps a decent military. The soldiers are trained by warriors of the house that earned the title of Ginaz swordmaster. The current size of the army is at 6 legions.

The house has good relations with several houses of the Landsraad. The only real conflict they were ever in was with an incident that almost caused a war with house Moritani. The situation was solved peacefully, but relations with Moritani and its allies remain shaky at best.

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