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Renegade in XP

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I don't get it. This isn't quiet the output I had expected.

A lot of information seems to be missing, like dxdiag version, Windows version (I know it's XP, but it shows NT, which it normaly doesn't ???), also some video card information seems missing (DDI version for example), ect, ect.

I don't know what's wrong, but something sure ain't right.

Did you perform a clean install of XP, or did you upgrade from Windows 9X[me=Nyarlathotep]?[/me]

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Should i kill all, and format HD??

EDIT: I havent Formated sense the Dinos where born :O

To be honest, I can't say. on a home made computer I would say yes, but considering the fact that this is an HP *shrugs*. They always do have special stuff on it. If you are willing to give that up, I would say yes.

Personally I would always go for a clean install. That way you will never have any incompatibility issues afterwards.

Let me recap the story:

Te reason I doubt the installation is because of the fact that your dxdiag output doesn't show what it's supposed to do, compared to other outputs made on a XP system.

Better yet, if anyone has windows XP, would you be so kind to make a dxdiag output and attach it to a reply here. That way I'm able to show what I'm missing and what should be in the file.

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