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Dune movie.......any rumors whatsoever?


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I took some joy in wathing Dune many years ago

even though i thought perhaps it was abit too

ummmmm "70`s retro". I also thought that

guy from Twin peaks was an awfull Leto.

Vlad Harkonnen were pretty allright, but the

guild navigators and the worms both shitty.

Ive seen some "Dune" movies on dvd but

by the looks of its/their cover (cant remember)

it looks really B movie so i havent bothered to

buy it. Does anyome know if there are plans to make

a new Dune movie......perhaps a remake ?

I was just figuring....a story like Dune deserves it.

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I myself am a big fan of the movie.  The shields looked awesome.  It's a very original depiction of a very original type of energy shield.  I liked the way little chunks of it would break off when the shields hit each other.

The worms were damn good too.  They're so much better than those things from the miniseries.  In fact, I liked almost everything about the movie better than the mini (set design, wardrobe, actors, etc).  Brad Dourif made an excellent Piter.

There were a few neat things about the mini though.  I liked the scene where the Baron snuffs the Spice, like they did in Victorian times.  That steel fan he carried was a neat touch too, not to mention his little rhyming bouts.  It really showed his "genious half", which wasn't really touched on in the movie.

And by the way, AFAIK, Harrison is going to make another miniseries called "Children of Dune", which covers both Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

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I thught the film was great, in fact I still myself prefer it over the mini series though I thought the ending to the mini series was better, though wasn't Paul supposed to have left the knife in Feyd Rautha's throat at the end? I can't remember o_O

Well I have to admit, the acting in the mini series was dreadful, the film had fantastic acting and perfectly done, but the mini series...ACK!

Now the ending...I think the ending was better in the series, much better and they had Ornithopters!!! Sweet ^^, that's prob why it was better. But the only thing I found that was really bad about the series was that they skipped two whole years from ep2 to ep3, and that was the point where Paul and the Fremen were trying to stop the spice mining. And also the decor.....I didn't like it, but I have to admit that both the film and series are awesome, I like them a lot.:)

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