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Seeing into the future....


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I'm currently reading House Harkonen and I came upon an interesting point. Spoilers arriving (in case you didn't read the book)

There is a point where Warrick (Liet's friend) drinks the water of life and is able to see into the future and I believe it even mentions that he can see where only the Kwisatz Haderach can see. Is this possible considering that the Bene Gesserits can't perform such an act and a simple fremen can?

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If you read Dune carefully you may came upon oe very interesting thing: every Fremen is granted a limited ability to see into the future. Paul mentioned it in Dune (I think) that Chani has also visions of the future, but netither Chani nor other simple fremen could do anything with this fact....

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Wait! Don't mix up the BG and the spice! I said the fremen could see a little bit of the FUTURE! They didn't look where only the KH can! I didn't say that!!! The place where the KH can lookis the place where the BG can't look not the fremen. The two is not commutable!

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