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Locking the Game Year

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I've been enjoying RT2 a lot. I've been messing around in the editor because I wanted to make scenarios based on specific time periods (post-Civil War, Gilded Age, Etc) that I can basically play indefinitely without having to worry about engines being retired and everything.

For this specific instance I wanted to make a scenario that takes place in 1866 only. I check off slow date in the map settings but all this really does is change the clock and the rate of financial reports.

I was trying to figure out if there was a way I could do this with events but so far I haven't had any luck. Anybody here know how to do what I'm trying to?

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I'm just trying to get the year to stay the same or at least not go past a certain point of time while I continue to play. Sort of simulate what the actual slow date setting implies with it being a day to day thing. I like to appreciate single eras of railroads but the game moves so fast and the different eras go by so quickly.

Was afraid there wasn't a way after scouring the internet for an answer. Thanks for replying.


(edit) actually I am sorta interested in editing the exe in regards to retirement years. I'll look on my own but if you have any input on that I'd appreciate it.

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Try enabling engines via an event - this MAY stop them being retired at their normal retirement date, however this won't affect car weight changes or any other events like passenger generation falling at fixed dates in the game engine. The editor text files supplied with the game show how to enable engines. I don't think theres an event to set the game year though. 


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