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Problems finding codes for the computer

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Is there any standard for finding the codes you need to enter when you face a computer??

With the help of Fremen (Thanx again mate ;)) I was able to enter the code for the harvester mission, but in the next mission I have the same problem again! I ran around for over 20 minutes to find any clues for the code, but I didn't find a thing, only nasty Harkonen, shooting at me! But I killed them all, the misfits!

I must admit, I'm a bad gamer, but I just like it!

Can anyone of you gamepro's help me out please?? :-[

Thanx in advance! :)

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Hey Mate ;)

Looks like you're having some trouble with the computer codes eh? Actually its very easy you know? All you have to do is find a computer screen or marking on a wall showing the codes. Most probably you would come across them on PC screens.

MISSION 2: The Sietch 2

This level suffers from an extreme lack of ammunition, conserve carefully and remember to use the voice trick when you have no ammo left and an enemy has spotted you.

Turn left and kill the fist guard. Go to the stair and kill the second guard on the top. Turn right and go ahead at the end of corridor. Turn left and kill the guard. Go ahead in the books room and turn left. Walk to the Kynes's room. Go ahead in front of you, in the second books room. Turn left and go down the stair. Open the door and enter the room. Open the first right door. Go down the stair and kill guardian. In the machine room, break the thing in front of you with action button. Return to Kynes's room. Kill all guardians but not Kynes (If you kill him, the game is over). Enter his room and go down the stair and on the computer on your left, replace the data cartridge. Go back at the starting corridor. Go ahead in the other corridor and kill guardians. Go up the stairs until the top of the building (many others stairs). You arrive in a corridor with many glasses. Kill the guard. Take the stair on your right. Open the door. In the control room, look at the desk and change the data cartridge. Look at the code and write it down. On the wall on your left, enter the code. It opens the door. Take the corridor and turn left. In samples room, go in the little door at the end. Activate the lever.

Take the other corridor. Open the door. Kill the guard (if he is present). Go down the stair.

Find a big steel door (in the next corridor, or if you don't find it, go down once again). You must arrive in a big open area with an orni. Go to your left. Kill guard. Enter the little room.

Activate the lever. Go downstairs. Kill guards.

Enter the orni.

That's it. You have made your getaway!

Best of Luck friend ;)

8) 8) 8)

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Hey! Anytime Pal ;)

By the way if you really need to find your way around the easy way, let me know and I'll send you the entire walkthrough ;)

Gimme your email and I'll send you the guide 8)

Pleasant Gaming 8) 8) 8)

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