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  1. UPDATE Indeed, the INI is outdated for Klofkac's D2kEditor v.2.
  2. Thanks for sharing this tileset! Always wanted to have some mountainous maps with multi-level dirt cliffs.
  3. I like this mercenary scenario! Thanks for the missions; will try em out too.
  4. I've played all sides a while a go. Worth it. Good job on the bug fixes! It's a nice setup to begin with. You do get surprises attacks from time to time but it's all a skirmish mixup as expected. Well Harkonnen is the hardest of em all if anybody agrees. But I've done it by capturing Emperor at the beginning of the match and so moving on his start loaction + Palace. Also agree to the AI cash fact. The 'human' starting credits slow early AI productions. Even if you give them 40.000 starting credits, as in practice-hard Ai mode, it would probably make the match better. As the time goes by you do see a stable AI economy around 25.000 - 30.000 credit reserves. So no: ain't nobody AI gonna empty their cash pockets just to attack more, right? No need to exaggerate, 999.999 credits... but I'm not against this idea either; it might even give the Harkonnen AI some push-ups, resisting better there in the middle of the map.
  5. Thx. Don't mention it! Playing around with the graphics is always fun. But yes nice to have in a release indeed.
  6. Sure, I've added the file(s) here. Thanks for the explanation, makes sense now: tech level 6. S0.SAV.zip
  7. A side note, for debugging purposes only: as Emperor, I couldn't build any palaces after capturing enemy Con Yards. Must be a sub-house thing. You can get the airstrike from Atreides or Fremen Con Yards though. In any case you really don't need other palaces than the Emperor Palace if you're a sardaukar commander. I then captured the Harkonnen palace itself, just to make sure, and still don't get the missle available.
  8. I've tried. Still same outcome, same time exactly. The Smugglers were indeed jammed. I sold a couple of buildings both the starport and even the Ordos starport + palace (seems AI don't use the saboteurs too often since they gather at palace) I know it's not the palace. AI both rebuild the starports... but still, I can't figure it out yet. Might as wel try the new version; so no big deal for me.
  9. OK thanks. Will try that. Well, I always play on normal speed; patience available. The Mercenary lost their Con Yard, thanks to my sardaukars, then an Ordos invasion wiped them out of the map; they sold everything quite early since they were in dire straits after many Harkonnen raids. All deliveries were sent out very quickly and the starport was always accessible. As I said, only Ordos and Smugglers remained on map. If Ordos don't recieve bonus deliveries then must be the Smugglers. We'll see. I didn't discovered the Ordos starport yet but the Smuggler one was surrounded by units; they kinda jammed their base with bad building placements.
  10. Free for all is more difficult when human player base is located near center on the map, since AI attack nearest neighbor(s) mostly. I played the Emperor version, indeed easy but nice, you really have a padishah-emperor-effect; a lot of resources + spice. NOTE: After a hour or so of gameplay there's this error throwing the game on the desktop: "too many deliveries". Only me, the Ordos and the Smugglers remain on the map; it happened between and after an attack wave, tried to load but repeats at gameticks 140000. EDIT: error happened on version one, the updated version wasn't tested yet. So if you also changed starport timings, ignore this note.
  11. This is a great idea! Thanks for the map. Will try it out.
  12. For those interested, I've made an 8 player score table image. Those of us playing with 8 players on a map know the table is up to 6 players... In zip: SCOREMP.TGA To be placed in \data\UI_GFX. Backup older file just in case. Edited in Photoshop CS2 to respect the old tga format. Preview: SCOREMP.zip
  13. The one at D2kplus still works: https://d2kplus.com/multiplayer-allied-mod/
  14. It works! Thanks again! It was because my test was done in VirtualBox on Windows XP. Now I could do a realtime test, a match with my brother via lan. The laptops have both Windows 10. Latest cncnet version in link works fine! From now on we'll use cncnet for matches, and indeed no need to further change original game files, the ini adds everything nicely on top.
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