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Dune: Spice Wars


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Like 18 to 19 minutes into the video. And I had my first WTF"!!! THATS NEW!!" moment.


When Zakh builds his first Spice collector. It is like a super miniature base construction.


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After a few wtf moments in that one video. The game starts to become....over generic.

Even Dune 2, despite having a weak ai for attacks, is much more interesting.

Sorry to say, but I feel they failed in some important departments now.


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Here is part 2 of a first run of someone who is used to these kind of games (is my guess) He got a victory. And seems to know a lot already.



To be honest, not a game for me, who is only interested in "classic" RTS games.

You really only have infantry squads. But also have to do a lot of politics.

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