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The Expanse


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Hey Folks,

Is anyone else here a fan of the Expanse? It's currently on Amazon Prime and heading into its last season (season six). I really enjoy it, the political aspects of it between the three factions (Earth, Mars and the Belt), the action side, and the unknown aspect of the protomolucle. It's always a book series that is quite an entertaining read as well (on book two my self).

Anyone else a fan?

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I think it is really great. Not since Babylon 5 + Battlestar Galactica (2003) has there been such a great scifi.

Babylon 5 politics + Battlestar Galactica action. Has books to follow the story so it is already all structured well.

I assume you're caught up to the end of season 5?


I havn't read books. Gob mentioned it in the picard series thread I think.

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I've read all the books/novellas and really like the series. The authors have done a great job creating a realistic universe similar to what Andy Weir did with The Martian.

The TV show is great but I definitely prefer the books as they have more character development and delve into things in more detail than the show ever could. Unfortunately the current show will end at book 6 (~30 year time gap between book 6 and 7) so hopefully they are successful at finding a way to get the last 3 books on TV.

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