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Showcase of Dune 2000 Naval battles


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I want to just show you how much the modding capabilities have advanced recently thanks to @Klofkac and his new version of the editor.

These are fully working naval mechanics in Dune 2000, with a functional Naval Yard that can build the ships and with sidebar icons. Although the video is currently mostly a concept, and could use some improvements, I thought it might still be a good idea to just showcase it, as an example of what can actually be achieved now.

Thanks to @KippD2K for the Naval Yard sprites and the house colors on the ship sprites.


Thanks again, Klofkac, for the new editor.

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1 hour ago, Klofkac said:

Very nice!

I also see you used my new improved Red Alert tileset, thanks for that.

Yes. I modified the tiledata for it to work with the naval mechanics, but otherwise yea, it's yours, looks much better than the old RATEMP.

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