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EA released Westwood's source code for C&C Red Alert

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I have just discovered that EA released Westwood Studio game C&C Red Alert source.

I think there should be a lot of similarities with Dune 2000. Maybe we can find something interesting in the code regarding modding for Dune ?

It might be that is the same game engine also ?


Article: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-05-21-ea-releasing-source-code-for-command-and-conquer-and-red-alert

Source code: https://github.com/electronicarts/CnC_Remastered_Collection

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theres one thing that might be red alert relic in dune2k. barrel explosion setting. in red alert you could destroy barrels and when they explode they deal area of effect damage, in dune2000 with structure editing you can set barrel explosion to stuff like silo and when silo is destroyed it damages anything near it.  by the way game interface both red alert and dune 2000 are similar but not identical.

dune 2000 source code was never released thought. maybe someone managed to reverse engineer the game and got something but not sure about this. hopefully EA release the original dune2k source code,but chances are near zero.

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They are similar but clearly not the same. There are many differences about how they work. For example, the way AI works is very different. The map and mission formats are also different, with RA1 having totally different conditions, triggers, also having Teams for AI production and reinforcements, while Dune 2000 has a completely different set of conditions, events, and the way AI trains units is based of a priority list of all units.

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I think the thing for the Dune titles ever being remastered is that they are licensed games unlike C&C where they fully own the IP. There was an article posted in the Dune II section of the forum that mentions the issue:


Command & Conquer Remastered might be able to take players back to the early days of the real-time strategy genre but it can’t take them all the way back to the start. Sadly the famously complicated issues of IP rights surrounding the Dune name make the chance of a Dune II re-release unlikely simply because it would almost certainly cost more to produce that it could ever recoup.


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