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adding singleplayer maps for skirmish?

Striking Drekavac

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1 hour ago, Striking Drekavac said:

i was playing around  with d2k map editor that comes with gruntlords edition of dune2k but there is no tutorial how to add single player maps for skirmish?

Ah, that's easy. Just put eight player starts on the map and have the players select the correct faction at the beginning.

First player in the lobby always gets all of side 0's units and structures, second player gets side 1's, etc. So if you wanted to 2-player co-op for the Atreides campaign, just make sure the AIs are using sides above 0 and 1. You can also force the player start to not spawn MCVs or any units with ini settings so the players only begin with what's on the co-op map.

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2 hours ago, Striking Drekavac said:

but i dont see created maps in map select when starting skirmish/practice

Make sure you copy a .map file, a .mis file and a .ini file into Data/maps, as Fey said above. You need all 3 files AND they have to be in Data/maps for it to work. The CnCNet client also has to be restarted if you copied the files while it was open.

By the way, we are all assuming you're using the CnCNet client to play skirmish. If you aren't and you are asking about how to add the maps so you can access them straight from in-game's Practice menu, then the answer is yes, it can be done, but please don't, that is a very outdated way of adding skirmish maps to the game which is no longer needed since around 2015. The CnCNet launcher can provide everything the in-game Practice menu can, plus a bunch of other cool features such as different individual AI difficulty levels or higher starting cash options PLUS 8 player support AND the fremen (gray) and ixian (light brown) colors.

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8 minutes ago, Striking Drekavac said:

didnt work. i wanted to put my map next to Funreal Plain ,i had it named Funreal Cliffs. its not for multiplayer but skirmish/practice.

Please check my message from above and make sure you followed all those steps exactly. It does work, but you must use the cncnet launcher, not the in-game Practice screen. The cncnet launcher can be used for skirmish too.

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2 hours ago, Striking Drekavac said:

i am using gruntmods edition only so your method does not work for me...i stated it on first post "gruntmods" not cncnet

There's an application in the folder where d2k is installed called "cncnet." Try there.

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38 minutes ago, Striking Drekavac said:

PLEASE read topic again... i dont want to use in any way cncnet.. i just want to add maps for skirmish gameplay for gruntmods edition of dune2k but i dont know how how to make created maps to appear in skirmish so can play my own made maps.

Why are you so much against using cncnet? You want to throw out an easy way to play your own maps to chase a painfully old method which is not used since 2014 or something.  What we are recommending here is not some shady tool that nobody heared of, it's the standard way to play multiplayer AND skirmish (or Practice as it's called in the original game) nowadays.

Why are you afraid to use cncnet? It takes literally like 2 minutes to set everything up, it is so simple. You are also making a confusion by thinking that Gruntmods doesn't work with CnCNet. They work extremely well together. If i remember correctly gruntmods might even have the cncnet client (cncnet.exe) in the folder. If not, simply go to https://cncnet.org/dune-2000?hydnkbzargwzfkeg. They are fine together.

The old way, that you are chasing for whatever reason, involves you messing around with text.uib and something else. I don't even remember all the steps you have to do to get it working because this method is THAT old, from before 2014 as I said. I might have an old video about it on my channel, but you'll have to look for it as it's very old and it would be a bad idea to follow those old steps in 2020 when there is a better alternative.

Just trust me, got a ton of experience with this game, just use cncnet, don't be afraid of it.

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I think indeed gruntmods include the C&Cnet, I am not interested on the online aspect (or even skirmish practice) and I even have it.

If you are really scared of what can happen you can just pick whatever folder you have installed gruntmods, copy and paste it, calle it "gruntmods 2" or whatever, and inside gruntmods 2 you execute the c&cnet and see for yourself what it is going to happen.

It will download a bunch of maps from the community, but it has both online and offline way to play it, as I experiment the difference on the AI.

The C&C one has some options you may be interested with, for example, removing the engineer if you don't want anybody (or even the dumb AI) to build them, same with turrets. The AI it's harder as it was changed to build better things, like more quads than trikes or things like that, but you can set the enemy AI in "easy" to make it to start with only 3000 credits if I am not wrong, so even if you fear this "strong" AI, with only 3000 the AI will take a long way to be a strong enemy.

In normal will start with the samount of money as you, and on Hard I think it was 40.000.

And if anything of this doesn't appeal to you, then I don't know how to help you more, as I never used the old method, it sounded a bit complicated and I only cared on campaign missions.

So yeah, at the very least do a copy-paste of gruntmods and experiment there, if you like it, good, if you don't, just delete the copy. And yes, this works, you don't ever need to reinstall anything (I have 2 gruntmods and 2 vanilla dune 2000 portable versions here).

Here, a screenshot from Funky on this same forum; I even played some "kind of campaign but mean to be played on practice" missions using this, and even I played a coop-map all by myself.


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2 minutes ago, Striking Drekavac said:

exacly im nostalgic guy and i was looking for old method of adding maps. . im not interessed with cncnet because im not interessed with multiplayer

Then go ahead and invest time into finding that old video on my channel, I don't remember the exact steps needed for that old method.


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