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Modified TILEDATA.BIN file with support for extra building and unit types


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So, for those who want to add more building and unit types via the new Structures Editor.

I said that you need to fiddle with TILEDATA.BIN and modify some special values to add support for pre-placing extra building and unit types on map. Well, you do not need to, I prepared this stuff for you! I tried to make a generic TILEDATA.BIN file that can be used by anyone for any mods (that will be probably distributed with D2kEditor in same way as the previously modified file where I added support for all existing building/unit types for all sides i.e. Hark palace for Atreides). I tried to make a standardized file (a new generation of it) that will be widely used by everyone and nobody needs to do this on his own in his own way and then we would have 10 different versions of such file which would be hell to maintain.

I added 8 extra building types and 13 extra unit types. I hope this will be enough for whatever you do! It is trickier to find free unused special values, but we still have some free ones for even more potentially possible stuff.

Take it and use it: TILEDATA.BIN

Hopefully this will not break any existing (most importantly vanilla) missions. If you see any problem, let me know.

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i see opportunity to make devastator gun turret,sonic gun turret too.

error is invalid blit. type of error blitsurface or something. i was able to make   buldings with integrated turret but i wanted to have 3 types of rocket turrets but looks like adding buldings is still impossible

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