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Emperor Palace Icon cards


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I made a couple versions of the Emperor Palace Icon Cards One looks similar to the other Palaces, the other one like the buildings cards.

I Hope this helps some modders out there. 🙂 I also added my other Icon cards so they were easy to find in one thread.

I added my dune planet Icon for desktop and Dune Title Images in case anyone wanted them. I had to modify the animation for the new title, I like the woman better than the original. :-)

Enp Palace.png






Dune Icon.rar


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oooooh, imperial palace, good.

What file it is exactly the one that has to change to include that? I have an imperial old campaign which you can build the palace, the campaign already make use of Tibed and custom campaign data stuff, so adding the proper icon won't hurt.

What about a graphic for the smugglers starport? (I guess it can use the same as the other three, but what about a dune emperor starport icon or something like that?.

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Hello, I can look into those.

Here is the number to replace 4368

I made both styles and while the first one looks great, I chose the second for myself since it matches the background of the other houses. But both look good imo.

I added a dune Planet Icon that I use for my game, looks like my Avatar but without the black, its just the planet. Looks really cool on the desktop.


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The first one of the palace is really nice.

The other ones, to be honest, could use some touch up. One problem is the lighting; the sun is shining towards the user however the units show highlight/lighting from a different side.

Also the colour theme of the units somehow does not fit the background and Dune 2000 colour theme.

And... sorry this last complain, :) ...the proportions are not completely good. The background size vs the unit size makes it hard to believe the unit is standing on sand.

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Hi, well everyone has their opinion, :-)

Let me explain behind the Icons. It was impossible for me to make the ones the game designers made as I don't have their 3d models or background. In order to keep the Troopers as CLOSE to the original design as possible I opted for a background image instead of them standing on sand. This is possible as if one is on a dune and then a picture is taken the background would look similar without the unit actually standing. I actually like the background I used better than the stock one the game uses, we have better art than they did back then. But again to each there own.

On the palace, the one uses the game palace and that is why I think most like it the best, I like it also. But I noticed the Palaces use different background to the other buildings and have a mod side view than top down. I had to use a 3D model of the palace which was facing the wrong direction so I had to flip it causing the light to shine from another direction. The other 2 icons that use unique units were just something I threw together, I need a Guild Mercenary and wanted a unique icon, its VERY hard to find good images for Dune related stuff that fits with the game!

Thanks for your opinion I love them! :-)

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