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SMD's Dune for PC with 3D


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some one try to make 3D variant of SEGA's Dune The Battle For Arrakis. all proccess you can see here:


video and conversation... but again - only russian :) but video is ok - becouse it without voices :) only view.


and creator not planning to make multiplayer. i am disagree that. but he work almost alone. if someone know that system of development and can help with multiplayer organisation - write to him.

XP is not support. 7 and higher windows.



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This is drooling material, to say the least.

I always wondered why no one was making 3D versions of the oldest games.

Even Tiberian Dawn is made with other engines. But all have lost the original feeling of the original game.

This 3D Dune game however does keep the feeling of the original game.

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11 hours ago, Nyerguds said:

Come now. N64 C&C is a perfect 3D version of Tiberian Dawn :)

I know.

It is the closest thing indeed.
Even though, constant crashing on my mobile phone. I managed to play 2 missions before I got tired of save+loading/min. I gave up on it.
Still should try one more time on the pc though.


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On 4/3/2019 at 3:18 PM, Nyerguds said:

It's decent if you hook the controls up to the mouse :D

Which Emulator did you use? I remember trying to do that about 10-15yrs ago on Project64 and it didn't go so great lol. I remember trying to do the same on ePSXe with Dune 2000 and switch the analogue input to my mouse and having similar troubles.

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