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Creating a game in the Dune2000 style, need a bit of help


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Hello hello,

I'm creating a game in the Dune2000 style, since I'm a huge fan of RTS games. I'm an indie with a long experience and so far, I have the entire RTS engine (from pathfinding to building units, to controls, attacking, groups, etc.) and UI running up. The major difference in my game is that there are mechs that you can build ( and select which parts to build on them specifically ), and you control one main mech that you can LEVEL UP and Upgrade with new skills at each new level.

The biggest problem I'm facing are the Graphics. I'm not entirely certain whether my graphics are good enough, or if I should switch to the Dune2000 graphical style.
All of the graphics are currently made by me, and I'm mainly a programmer.

This is how it currently looks : BlightSteel sample image
Any input you may have is more than welcome.

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On 8/13/2018 at 10:28 AM, Dinomaniak said:

and select which parts to build on them specifically

That reminds me of Warzone 2100 game.

Personally I like the graphics of the units. They look to me like a mix between the early dune 2 (boht pc and genesis), Herzog Zwey but as detailed as the Total Anihhilation.

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Your graphics aren't bad at all. Keep up the good work.

The sound of 1 mech being able to become godlike is... to put it bluntly, not smart. Don't allow this for the major part of the game. Maybe that one mission for the fun of it.

How are the RPS mechanics? And how are the terrain mechanics? Need any pointers for balance?

The name BlightSteel is used in MtG. Hundreds of the same card to see. so... If you want to have your game found through google later on. You need to set up a page with pictures. With the tags BlightSteel and RTS.

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Your graphics look fine. Keep at it and you'll get better.

Just look at papera please - looks old school but the game play and mix of elements make it a blast. As long as its fun your good.

You can go overpowered if its for single player. I like how starcraft 2 has parts which are just singleplayer inits and multiplayer is balanced.

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