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[Release] Mercenary Campaign - The Origin of the Mercenaries

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5 hours ago, Cm_blast said:

Yeah, by default grenadiers have the 1 too, and since in my maps that unit doesn't exist, the AI need to build several grenadiers to compensate numbers. Also I measure the units with the "Guard group size" so any new unit builded is always destined to attack, so the AI is always preparing at least a couple of grenadieres before anything else early while preparing the attack (using your mod).

In some maps I have the proportions changed a bit too. I just found how the AI works with that. If you set a proportion of 5 for trikes and 3 for quads (and no other factories), the AI starts building trikes and quad in the regular 1:1 proportion, and after the 3 on 3 number is reach, the next two units will be trikes.

Ohh. Okay. That's interesting.

5 hours ago, Cm_blast said:

Soooo, I should play it in easy then? XD.

That might be preferable :D Hard was... well, hard. I imagine normal will also be hard.

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Ok, finally I ended. Updated the first post with the new version and some images.

The changes done are:
- Mission 1: There are 2 less infantry in the most difficult area to reach.
- Mission 4: The enemy carryall attacks on loop has been delayed, to give more time to the player to do stuff. Now also the Atreides said something about the relation between carryall attacks and the High tech factory (which has been moved a bit to the front).
- Mission 5: the second enemy delivery on loop has been replaced for One-time extra delivery containing a big army (text that warns about that is still maintained).
*There are a couple of inner things I did to balance/counter that big wave, but don't want to document.

The download file is in the first post, and for now I think I can left this campaign alone :P.

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