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  1. Make an AI that would beat 3* handicapped players pls
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vx74YOepYk&ab_channel=Dan you may find this interesting
  3. A walkthrough for this campaign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUG-JW5l2ys&list=PLg9coKBGGTxrkgXzX_0JrJ1jsL5ewQTmy It's far from optimal gameplay as I didn't really look into those missions before playing.
  4. Then there would be no point to make walls.
  5. One of the players disconnected and we got rolled over by AI.
  6. I tried many various places to block pathways with walls but nothing would crash the game in considerable amount of time. Howeever we gave it a try w/o blocking any path and managed to get 1h11m (over 20k ticks, around 22k I believe) game without having it crash. Died of natural causes.
  7. With more open map we menaged to delay the crash to over 120000 ticks.
  8. Units may split into 2 paths because one of them gets blocked by walking units, so those behind see no possible yellow path, so they go green one, then yellow is free again and units go there, and so on so on...
  9. More like this. Opened map a little, we're going to crash test it soon.
  10. LINK Here it is. Our strategy was to wall top of our base to make AI go around. Also put sieges in the spice field to the north west so AI would try to attack it.
  11. Hello, me and Kipp made a coop map in which this strange error occurs: screenshot1 screenshot2 Have you ever experienced it? What are possible causes for it to happen and how to fix them? If more information or the map itself needed, I can post it.
  12. No, I just copied a map using that AI and totaly reworked it to make this mission. If you make a brand new map and launch it on cncnet it will have "standard" AI. When I tried to copy my mission into missions folder it just didn't run that AI. That's why I posted it to be essential to run this map through cncnet. But am still learning.
  13. If you want to enjoy all the features you can set enemy AI to be easy. Not really sure how much would be changed.
  14. He made the map to be loaded with the online-multiplayer "cncnet5.exe" fron gruntmod instead the mission launcher. Exactly. Cncnet provides different AI behavior for this map. Handicap 1 (like in the screenshot) means easy, 2 - normal, 3-hard. And this map is meant to be played on easy. So if you play it on easy you won't make it easier than I wanted it to be.
  15. You must play it via cncnet. When you launch it using mission launcher, map will not work properly.
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