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Questions about skirmish .mis files in the CnCNet launcher


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When just a normal custom map is launched through the CnCNet launcher, it uses the tileset as specified in the corresponding .mis file, correct? Is everything else in the .mis file ignored? 

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I don't remember very well but I believe the .ini file has some options too. For example there is a line specifying whether the normal destroy everything objectives are to be used or the mission-specific ones defined in the corresponding .mis file for that map.

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It will use the whole .mis file, not only the tileset (AI vars, events etc)

In skirmish / multiplayer it will check if the .mis file got events in it, if thats the case it will use the events, otherwise it will use the default behavior (game will end when all units of a player or team died)


you can use _spawn.mis as template for "normal" maps

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