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I don't want to get your hopes up.. but I can't deny it much either...


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Those nukes.

Refreshing simplicity.

I like it.

If you are building a new engine. How does it look like?
Is it based on circles? Or do you still have the blocky nature.

When I see those nukes. It is almost as if, you are going in the circular direction. Meaning, it will be more like Starcraft. Which is a good engine.

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Still working on the nukes :)


The engine is what you have seen until now. It is using squares. Graphics wise, who knows.


The underlying technology won't change, but the graphics can. Dune is a 'showcase' for the engine. 

Don't get me wrong, I really like Dune so I will work on that until I have a sufficient mature engine to get new graphics and such. If you have any ideas for new stories, factions, sides, etc for a new game. I'm all ears ;-) 

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If you are seeking stories related to Dune. I think others are better candidates for that.

I do have another idea for a story.

Sure I can share it. But it is a very unique story.

If you want the basics of the story. I could PM you instead.

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Fleshing out an own universe to have a game in is a different challenge. I would love to hear your thoughts, but I don't want to get into trouble if I might use some bits into my own game ;-) I leave that up to you.

Regarding D2TM - yesterday I worked on it again with the idea to get sounds in the game. Those have been a low priority, but they are on the checklist for nukes. So far I can load them up, did not try to play them yet. Shouldn't be hard (in theory ;-)).


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2 hours ago, X3M said:

You are going to have the damage radius equal to the animation radius, right? But other than that, it looks good in retro style.


well yeah, sort off ;-). I want the graphical effect to be wider, so it matches the damage you see. But the explosion itself is smaller. (Like a real nuke, you have the explosion and the pressure damaging its surroundings).

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6 hours ago, X3M said:

That one looks so much cooler.
And I also noticed the shadow of the missile. It has a neat 3D effect to it.

yeah, I thought the '3d effect' was a pretty nice addition. Made it customizable so you can configure this for each 'weapon' / 'projectile'.

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On 14/08/2017 at 8:56 AM, X3M said:

What are your idea's on the combat mechanics?

Most designers just pull a, "trying it out". Do you have a plan?

To be honest, I haven't given that subject much thought. Most ideas still center around base building, economics and politics. I like simplicity for combat mechanics, but that is also because I don't want the game to be micro heavy.

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General notice, in case you have missed it.

I have publicly announced I am working on my own RTS, starting this week for real.

This means, I have reversed the order of things. I continue building on dune2themaker4j (the engine), but I will focus on making my own commercial game. However, I do use dune 2 as a means (a template/graphics stub, etc). So expect, especially in the beginning, to see a lot of 'dune 2' progress. 

I have sat down with my family and acquired some time for my own to chase my dream of writing my own games and try to make a living out of it. 

My most recent blog post talks about how I intent to make a minimum playable game, and how I think it will be feasible to get it done around november.

I will communicate about its progress pro-actively, with a minimum of 1 blog per 2 weeks about its progress. I also share all struggles I encounter, from graphics, sounds, marketing, publishing, etc. 

If you want to support me during this, you can do that via various ways. From talking to your friends about this, liking stuff, etc. You can also support me on Patreon

If you have any questions, just reply to this thread, or on patreon, or twitter, or anything else you can reach out to me! :)

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A heads up from here. Lots of things happened:

- I bootstrapped an Indie Game Development company: Indienamic

- I've finished up Harvesting, added Power Resource and Minimap into the game. (latest feature was built by a friend of mine, during a week of focus I've called the Incubator Week).

I'll post about progress on Indienamic, but in case someone goes to the dune2themaker4j website I'll post a heads up there as well :)


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Negative effects of insufficient power.

Just.. some.. idea's. To experiment with if you like.

Some games make the effects fluent by having a percentage reduction. In fact, games like TD and RA have this.

80% power? 80% production capabilities.

10% power? 10% production capabilities.

Include the option to shut off power to certain structures. And then you have the right to say that some buildings actually stop working entirely without sufficient power.

What I have not seen so far is a 2 step disability. The Rocket Turret could stop firing rockets. But still could fire cannons? Then if the power drops lower, these cannons stop as well.

Take a look at KKnD. Where you can upgrade your radar. No level is black. Level 1 is the explored terrain. Level 2 is your own units. And level 3 is the enemy as well. With insufficient power, you could go the other way around.

Fluent, steps, yes/no. It is up to the designer to decide.

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