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Updating and rearranging missions/campaigns from D2k+

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1 hour ago, djbaskan60 said:

hi cm_blast , i can edit (for time based ...) and i will new campaign , Soon

You mean rewriting the briefing? I don't mind, although right now I just found that the author is still active, but with a new account that don't have any posts yet. If you want to rewrite maybe you can ask if he wants to. His new account is " jbil1989 " .



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On 12/1/2017 at 3:49 PM, djbaskan60 said:

hımm. okay, i will ask him 

how that task is going? Have you been able to contact him?

Another thing to discuss:
I want to make a general call.

How do you people feel about uploading all this into the d2kplus site? Like for example upload them separately as a updated version compatible with the mission launcher which also you no longer need to overwrite files (Except the ones using Tibed/tiledata.bin).

Even could be included in the same section as the original campaign. I mean, like clicking in "Atreides - Battle for dune", and the page open with the text "Download Atreides - Battle for Dune (X Downloads), adding another text below like "Download Atreides - Battle for Dune <version compatible with mission launcher> (X Downloads)" <-- or something similar, so both are accesibles from the webpage.

Maybe at least a readme.txt is needed or something similar.


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While I was doing the main mod index I found a very old single mission done by Galaxy back in 2015.

This map use a very single idea: you, as the Mercs, fighting with the Ordos against several enemies. There is no briefing provided, with the exception of the protection on the outposts (yours and your ally) to keep receiving deliveries.

The mission starts very easy because the player begin with the Starport, so tons of units will arrive; but in the long run, once the enemies start going together on large numbers the map will become more harder (but as long as the outpost it's still there the player will always have units ready to fight).

I updated the mission to work with the mission launcher. Only a small fix were done to have the "The ixian have been annihilated" line instead saying "atreides" when destroying the side 7 AI plus now on the launcher you will be in the merc section.

First post update to present that single map.

Edited by Cm_blast

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I got a new mod from the "moddb.com" website, by the name "changed Dune". The author its MustaphaTR, which has an account on this forum. I tried to contact him a couple of months ago but not response; anyway; I will post this for collection purpose.

Changed dune it's a mod that change a lot the Tech of the game. This mod it's suppose to be applied into the game and then playing the original game with those changes, but he added a few small aditions to some maps to be able to win since, for example, you cannot train engineers on the mission about capturing the smuggler outpost, so some of those units are given on reinforcements.

However, he create three custom maps that, although copied from the original maps, they are totally new (enemies moved, other enemies or a total new map), so I am going to upload those three here to showcase the tech.

On the spoiler it's the info about all the editing in case you are interested.


his mod was made lots of time ago. Just wanted to open a ModDB page. Here is the list of changes:

  1. Fremens has ordos light factory and they can make raider.
  2. Atreides doesn't have trooper and quad.
  3. Sonic Tanks can destroy itself, Deviators can capure buildings by entering it like engineer. Devestators are very powerful but they can't destroy itself and they doesn't have self-healing
  4. Harkonnen doesn't have light inf. and trike.
  5. Quad doesn't need upgrade, they have machine gun, they are a bir speedier and can crush enemy infantries.
  6. Raider needs upgrade and they have rocets.
  7. Harvaster has 80mm guns. (Same as Combat Tanks)
  8. Raider can be purached at starpot and trike can't.
  9. Siege Tanks can turn its barrel.
  10. Grenadier, Thumper, Stealth Raider and MP Sardukar can be trained at missions.
  11. Concretes and walls are cheaper.
  12. Constraction Yards give more power.
  13. Ordos can't train engineers.
  14. Thumper infantry can only train by Atreides.
  15. Carryalls are speedier and cheaper than normal.
  16. Ornithopters and DHMB's are a bit more powerful.
  17. Sonic Tanks are now worse against wooden armor.(Barracks, Hi-Tech Fac, Heavy Fac. IX Res. Center, Trike, Raiders, Missle Tank and Deviator)
  18. Rafinery is needed for Harvaster like RA2.
  19. Changed silos deathanim.
  20. Emperor's Sardukars has framethowers and they can be purached from starport for Atreides and Ordos (Harkonnen's is MP Sardukar)
  21. Barracks and Hi-Tech Fac.'s has different HP's like Combat Tanks.
  22. Imperial CY and Heavy Fac. is stronger than others.
  23. Ordos Rocet Turret is cheaper but its Build Time is Long.
  24. Changed Gun Turrets Build Time and ROF.
  25. Atreides and Harkonnen don't have Upgrade of Light Fac.
  26. Ordos doesn't have Upgrade of Barracks.
  27. Troopers and Raiders can attack air.

The custom maps don't showcase 100% of the changes done. The Atreides map don't have tech enough to produce sonic tanks, but at least you will see a difference of not having quads or troopers to help you against enemy tanks.

First post updated with this mod and three custom maps, 1 per faction. Remember that applying all the files will modify your game, do back ups before overwritting!

Edited by Cm_blast

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