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spicy in star citizen


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well  i am spicy  ...  i  am playing star citizen  and i am the leader of  the biggest  piracy  org 




i have not forgot my friends  ......  i came back  to pick them up  ..  follow me  arrakies warriors ..   apply  or  reply to me here  so i can lower the gates for u

sc is the future  and the order of the dragon  is the place to be  ... death is near we are dracuul

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i feel  sad  that non of my freinds  are here to read my thread .. we were so many  but i too have gone for long long time ..

life pass   very fast  .. shai  hulud  


 erjin .. ..  eid ....  newlords ....  yuko ......  alchemi ..... korlover .....  kalim.....elsipue...   lots and lots i remember them all  ..... in 2002  so many years ..  has passed but we are still fighting .

 spicy old  now  and broken :wacko:   but  fighting   harder  ..   the order of the dragon is  a top sc org now ..  in fact the first piracy  title  ...


and #8 overall in  41416 ORGANIZATIONS  the order  holds a massive  1000 main members  ...  strong discord server .. steam  and  twitch channel  .

sc  is a great game  and i have been working there since 2013 id still  want to find my friends  the mighty arrakis warriors  .. i promise them the best  ranks and treatments . as usual .

 RSI   is the future  and the place to be .. dont get left behind  .. join the order of the dragon ..  and enlist your name here . so i can find you ..


Ya Hya Chouhada

to  andrew     if you want  consider  dracul as the official   dune2k  clan  i am a  known member  in emp  ... and no one will object on the matter .

the order have  good ability  in sc now and will be  better than  other ideas .. join me and i will  create  a dune2k   cell  inside the order it self .

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