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Can CPUs use the starport?


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In Dune2 Building of Dinasty without 1.07 patch: I remember, there is one sceneraio (one from Harkonnen level 6 scenarios) where the Ordos has a starport (in the top-left corner of the map), but the AI doesn't use it.
I don't know, if the 1.07 path is installed, then the AI would use it.
If I remember well, in Dune 2000 is the Starport used by the Ai. (I didn't play too much with Dune2000).

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5 hours ago, OrdosConquerer said:


do anyone know, if CPU-Players can use the starport, if you'd give CPU a starport by scenario editor?


Thank you!

You should be more specific. Dune 2, 2000 or Emperor?

In dune 2 they can't. In Dune 2000 yes (If it is a custom map/campaign, Is possible to make an IA to not use the starpot although he has the building). And in emperor I don't know. I played a lot time ago, so the experts will said if the IA order (or arejust predefined by the map) in campaign/skirmish.

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