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Mack's Dune 2000 Mod


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Its a basic mod, and I'm using TibEd to create it (sorry). As I work on it and make changes, I try to record every change I make, plus record my intentions, the plans for future tweaks and adjustments/changes:

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/oidfzc6mxq6w7wc/Mack%27s+D2K+Mod.tib#39;s_D2K_Mod.tib

-All infantry self heal (Like the Devastator tank, to 50%)

-Seige tank weapon now uses "special" warhead, instead of HE. I adjusted this warhead's damage "versusNone" set from 90 to 50. This is the warhead that OrniThopter bombs and Death Hand missile use.
      ^^ My intention for this was to make the Siege Tank not completely decimate platoons of infantry in one shot, and according to my playtests, its working! Siege tanks are still a bitch, but infantry wont just dissappear when facing one, lol

-Deviator warhead vs. "None", set to 100%. Now the Deviator can kill infantry.

-Fremen "non stealth" infantry now have real fremen voices, instead of generic army voices. They still aren't buildable, but just in case I add them later they'll have proper voices

-Made sadukaur look like hes firing a canon against tanks. I changed his 2nd weapon's firing GFX and sound effect to that of a tank canon. He now actually has two weapons, a machine gun for infantry, and a cannon shot against tanks. Instead of using two different machine guns, one weaker against soldiers, and one stronger against tanks, the tank weapon now is a tank cannon shot (with the warhead and everything). The damage values are adjusted to balance out with Troopers; Troopers are still useful (much cheaper).

- ^^ I also applied this same design change to the Stealthed Fremen, although the fremen use the "Weirding" sound FX for both weapons still. I tweaked the two weapons to look like an explosion occurs on every shot, to make it look like hes an advance Fremen with psychic abilities or something. You can't even build the guy, he still spawns thru the Palace, so I made him a little more powerful.

- Atriedies Stealthed Fremen versus the Sardukar is a good fight!

- The trooper now has the machine gun that Light Infantry have, in addition to his missile launcher. If infantry are close enough, he'll switch to his machine gun.

- The Grenadier is now Ordos special infantry, in single player and multi.

- I have changed the Saboteur. The "M Tank SEC", the unused 2nd weapon for the Missile Tank, I have changed to be a force fire suicide weapon for Saboteur. Its very similar to the Devastator suicide blast, except you have to force fire (AI might not be able to use it properly). It works pretty cool, because now you can use the Saboteur to attack units, he can kill a group of soldiers. I believe you can attack units no problem, but in order to attack buildings, you have to force fire close to the building. 2 Sabotuers can take out a Construction Yard. The Saboteur can no longer go inside a building and demo it. Saboteurs are faster now. He still has the timed cloaking.

- All multiplayer only units are now available in single player (lol, I love using Thumper in single player), except the Sardukar - The Harkonnens only get him in Multiplayer, although you can still get the Sardukar in campaign by capturing Emperor palace. I tweaked the single player and multiplayer Sardukar unit stats to be identical.


-Missile Tank is now available for Ordos thru Heavy Factory.

- Concrete, walls, and silos build very fast, so you can setup those wall sections easier.

-CY and Wind Traps give more power. Less build space required now - you don't have to jam your base full of windtraps.

- Turrets & silos do not drain power. Again, less windtraps required. Rocket Turrets still power down when at lower power.

- - - -

Thats about it so far. The next thing I want to do is make the Siege Tank have a turret that rotates. I did it before, but I can't remember how. Instead of replacing the turret with one of the Combat tank's turrets, I used the original siege tank turret and somehow got it to rotate. I posted my findings on Dune2K, I'll have to dig that info up. The search function only shows my oldest posts from 2014, I posted this before that. I've been trying to look for it, but I can't find it.

Any tips on modding this game?

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I've posted this topic in the CnC Comm Center forums, this question:

HOW TO GET the turret of the Siege Tank to rotate. I've done it before, and posted my findings, but I can't find my post because the search engine at D2K forums does not dig deep enough - originally I posted my findings on this site at least 4 years ago, but now, when I search my Name?  the only results that come up are dated back to 2014. :(


My findings are most likely gone. I'll have to figure it our again - how to make The Siege Tank's turret (original graphic) swivel, rotate, move, like the combat tank's turrets! I did manage to get it rotating before, I swear......

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I did too, long time ago, when I was trying to copy the Dune 2 style (trooper winning against the light infantry, Quad using a machine gun...) and doing the windtrap occupy 2x2 instead 2x3.


I don't remember exactly how I get his barrel to rotate. Have you tried change the "inaccurate" from "yes" to "no" to the siege tank?

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