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I love it when I think of a game that defies average human logic.


This is the game:


One player (you, the evil wretched spawn of hell) has 1 die.

Another player (the one you want to victimize) has 2 dice, a red one and a blue one.


Now, when you roll your die.

1 and 2 gives 0 x the die value. = 0

3 and 4 gives 1 x the die value. = 25

5 and 6 gives 2 x the die value. = 50


This same goes for your opponent.

The blue die has a value of 13. (2 x 13 = 26>25)

The red die has a value of 17. (13+17 = 30>25 and 2 x 17 = 34>25)


So we have for the blue die, a 0, 13 or 26.

And for the red die, a 0, 17 or 34.


Each round, both players roll all dice.

The points are added up each round.

The first one who reaches 75 points or more wins the game.

When both players have 75 or more, it is a tie, no matter who has the most points.




The first round, no one wins.

The second round, your chance is 33% while your opponent has only 28% chance of winning.

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So what's the point of the game, then? Shouldn't both players have equal chances of winning?

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The point of the game is to teach about the power of randomness. But also the tricks that you can pull of with it.

One would think that 13+17 is better then only 25. But it is in fact the other way around.


If one wants to know why, they simply need to start calculating.

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