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[Release] Emperors Reign Campaign


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Hey everyone. I recently completed work on an Emperor campaign. 


You take control of the Padishah Emperors forces and try to force off 2 other houses along with their allies to give control of the spice planet to the Baron and control spice production (Taken after the original Novel)


Please be advised that these are only V1 missions only for the time being. I figured Id at least release the V1 missions at the moment and then complete the V2 to get some feedback first.


Somethings to note:

-I suggest you use a program such as TibEd to give House Harkonnen use of the Imperial Palace and the Sardaukar, being that these missions use the Harkonnen index. 

-I tried to make these missions more on the difficult side and create a challenge for veteran players.

-If there are any errors (Map design, Mission Editing, Messages) Please note it in this topic, I would like it to be complete.

-Leave any feedback in this topic on what you thought of this.


Simply place the mission and map files in the mission folder, and the Text file in the data/UI_data folder. Backup your files first.


Requires Subhouse fix.

Emperors Reign.rar

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The TibEd page is empty.


I am using gruntmod edition of Dune 2k. I am pretty sure i have selected the right directory though.


If i click add there is a runtime error '381'


I have check Feda tutorial video. When he open TibEd everything is there.


Anything i may be doing wrong?

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