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【released】 revised official campaigns of HK


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good job. but  would be nice to  have improved   secondary map too .  idea is very god. how about   final mission improvement? my idea is to make it  hard of the hardest  by adding  6 hostile AI's  1  friendly  all ais have  well-build bases  so they will  spam you with army.  was thinking of soething like this


h9v1  - atreides build mostly  infantry  and  tanks and fremen

emperor tanks and  infantry

"fremen" would build onl infantry

"smuggler" kind of atreides  quads/trikes infantry  

"ordos" kind of emperoronly   tanks and quads/trikes

they could share one inland   and have 1 base merged together so eleminating separate opponents wont be possible.    blow up one by one or  watch your death


h9v2  all  hostile houses will recevie   after  40 minutes  extreme amoutns of reinforcements  , so you have 40minuts to fortify your base.  next reinforcements will come after 20minutes when first   invasion ends. and  final  rinforcements  chart will land inside your base.


some hints

- make ai abses bigger and  some  rocket turrets , siege tanks on front , missile tanks behind them.  multiple construction yards  too.  i was  doing som experiment and was able to make   1 mission that was  nearly impossible to win .

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Your suggestions are great! 

Personally, I like having allies, but not strong! and you should only have limited armies, so in order to succeed, you have to protect your allies' buildings and harvasters and let them crush the ememies! So in my revised mission, often you don't have a heavy factory and you will have a repair pad!


I don't make the missions "very hard"; instead, I make the missions interesting, that although you don't have big army, you can repair your army and make it effective, and to lower your casualty!

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yeah   personally would like ability to transfer  ownership of my tanks to  someone.  


as for allies    they should be eoungh strong  so you grow and build  base.  i have an  very very nasty idea  for   H6v1 .  but would be needed   map 128x128  so largest.  ordos in centre  and also smugglers ,    but   thing would be to  make   smugglers  huuuuge tanks army  but outside of base.  so   you have to destroy ordos without alerting smugglers which could   throw  at you    really big army when you blow up their base. . 


how about trojan horse?   you find   undefended refinery with some silo full of spice, you  capture silo then refinery and    100+ tanks rush at your base  hahaha


was thinking about  32x128 map  and put  7 AI  bases one near each other so they would defend more effectively and deliver damage to you  much quicker andd in better quantity

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