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Setting Cash But Coming Up Negative

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This is a 32-bit programming limitation called signed integer overflow. It is impossible for the computer to represent more than 2147483647 in one place. When you pass this number the computer starts counting from the minimum signed integer value possible -2147483647, so a number larger than this will appear negative until a real value of 4,294,967,295 will show up as zero and then the number will be positive until it overflows again. This process repeats over and over.


There is no way to avoid it. What are you doing that you need so much cash in the first place?

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Every one has their own way of playing the game.  I like a good solid start heavy with cash. 


A lot of players enjoy starting poor and building their wealth as they go.   I enjoy starting as a tycoon.


When the real tycoons start a railroad, they usually had a lot of cash or excellent credit.


I have made a number of maps with a choice or bank loan built in and the payment due date built in as well. 

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I get a buzz from rocketing my company from rags to riches. If there isn't even a little pressure to perform at a profit, the game loses some substance for me. But each to his own.


A billion is a lot of money to spend on anything in RTII! That might take you a few hours. I still can't think of creative ways to spend 2.1+ billion on. That's why I was curious. I could understand 100 or 200M or in a huge map even 500M but the billions boggle my mind. :wacko:

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First, on the programming: RR Tycoon II does event calculations and effects using 32-bit signed-integer dollars. This introduces some 2+ bn bottlenecks.


RR Tycoon II *stores* a few critical money numbers as THOUSANDS of dollars, and company cash is one of those. If you try to use the value in a calculation, you're screwed. However, the background storage can represent up to 2+ trillion.


You need to tip-toe around the bottleneck, something with which I have entirely too much experience (but it has been a while). Isn't there an effect by which you can add company cash? If so, then add cash in increments no more than $2 Bn at a time. Add several times.

Second, on the billions: RR Tycoon (all versions) uses *real* dollars, as in gold-standard, didn't lose value for a century dollars, not the flimsy paper federal reserve notes we have today. A dollar in RR Tycoon (or any time in the 19 C) is worth 35-100 of today's "legal tender" dollars (depending on what commodity you look at). Thank you F'ing Dictator Roosevelt.

Hope this helps :)

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