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New Campaign Dune 2000 - Dune 2 Style (Atreides)

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As a first note. I started this campaign before my "New House" Campaign, but this was on hold because I had some issues with size map and the IA sending units one by one.
But now is endend and fully tested, so I want to share with all of you.
This is a new campaign for the Atreides, My own tribute to the Dune 2 game, trying to copy the basic and the essence of that game.
Here are the main points.

The Maps are like in Dune 2: Just rocks, sand, dunes and spice (and that type of tile only walkable by soldiers, but not always there will be).


So the enemy can come for any direction and you can attack for almost any direction.


Some maps are very similar comparing to the original level, others are recognizable but I have taken the liberty to add or remove my free will. 


Just 2 examples

Level 2: Very similar to the original map.



Level 3: much less similar to the original map.




The IA I used is the same for every level and enemy.

He build fast and attack quick (comparing to others IAs), but his attacks are weak (He barely send more than 10 units, counting 2-3 heavy vehicles, 2-3 light vehicle and 2-3 soldiers <-- this number can increase when the IA have a Starport.


At first this seems easy, but later with 2 and 3 enemies stronger attacks can overwhelm you (considering the fact the map is flat, so can be hard make bottlenecks).



Enemy behaviour:

In Dune 2 when the enemy have 2 heavy factorys and 2 light factorys he can build 4 vehicles at the same time. In this campaign the same will happen. In levels when the enemy have 2 barracks/factorys will be 2 players building together.


In levels with 2 players building as one only 1 CY is there, so half of their buildings are lost forever if you destroy them.




In Dune 2, because the unit limit and the way you only can give ordes one by one, attacking for the front can be a bad choise.

Instead, going for behind you can destroy lots of building avoiding almost the turrets.


For this campaign, this is very similar. In early levels doesn't matter, but later is very diferent.


Usually the enemy have more turrets and more units in area guard mode (plus the units he build to defence itself) than going for behind.


Of course. In dune 2 the CY is a high priority building to destroy. Here you can target the windtraps first, so they turrets stop working and win.




The spice is limited. There isn't any Spice bloom in the game. The money is enough to create several strong attacks before running out. But isn't infinite, so don't waste it building 5 VCM and, in levels with a starport, is better wait for a 580 credits for a tank and a 310 credits for a Quad. Is a bargain!


In Dune 2000 isn't needed exploring the map too much because the harvesters go automatically to the spice, but in this campaign the spice is more spread than in normal campaigns, so is better if you explore the area around your base so you can build your refineries near the spice. (Usually is better place your 2 or 3 refineries separated instead totheter, although later you have carry alls).



Like in the Dune 2 game, the enemy will send carryalls in your base and you will recieve reinforcements as well.


The timers are the same as in Dune 2, but the enemies are doubled (2 tanks in Dune 2 can melt your 3 troopers, but in Dune 2000 is the opposite)


In Dune 2000 the carry all can drop the units away from your sight. You can react in time if he drops 3 light infantry or 2 trikes, but if he drops 3 troopers or 1 siege tanks you will lost the building before have enough time to defend it.


Because this the text.uib have a "enemy unit aproaching" text. Feels like the original game and gives you the warning to look for the airplane and prepare yourself your units to fight back.



As a personal point. I can guarantee the last level is challeging. Your starting money being so poor, their attacks are mostly weaks but 3 on 1 can overwhelming you. The Death Hand destroyed me some buildings, including the heavy factory when I didn't have the light factory yet.


The saboteur destroy me some buildings (and a turret several times) too, plus all the enemy reinforcements all over my base was really hard to defend all. But like the original game, when the time increase, the enemies build more slowly and you can counter-attack and destroy windtraps and his refinery to shut-down the enemy.

Pack campaña estilo Dune 2.rar

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This is important: If you don't want to use the spanish text.uib you need to create a line like

this --> 1308 - Enemy unit approaching.
The spanish and english text have a diferent number of lines, so the first free line in spanish was the 1308. In english you will need to create lots of empty lines.


Is your modification of Dune in Spanish now?
I see, your mod has some interesting ideas. But I don't understand... WE MUST to translate text from Spanish to ... English or anything else?

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Is your modification of Dune in Spanish now?
I see, your mod has some interesting ideas. But I don't understand... WE MUST to translate text from Spanish to ... English or anything else?


My bad. I should said I am from Spain. Because of this replacing with my text.uib will become the game in spanish.


But don't worries. I just added a text.uib to english people.


I attached the new file at the first post.


Donwload it again; Then you need to copy the *.map and the *.mis files and then copy the text.uib from "ui_data english" if your game is in that language.


I tested so the briefing will be in english and the "enemy unit approaching" in game message appears also.

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What's the use of the sandworm in Level 3? It seems trapped...


It's trapped in all the levels. In the original game the sandworm is in a square in guard/area guard mode. Usually you trigger him stepping near and because of this he start to chasing and trying to eat your units. Even In some levels in Dune 2 you don't see the worm until 15-20 minutes because you simply didn't step near his square.


In dune 2000 he appears after a while, chasing you and the enemy forever, plus the levels here are plain, the worm have a straight path between your base and the enemies. He will harass both all the time.


I thought he is too powerfull for this type of maps. So I trapped him in all the levels.

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release sandworm. add  few more worms and maybe some allies   ,  definietly   these missions  need improvement  the ai sucks


If the sandworm is released he will eat the enemy harversters more easily than yours. So, he got even less money and he will plays worse (and even worse, his new harverster is going to mine the spice near his heavy factory instead the spice near the refinery, wasting more time gathering money).


From level 5 onwards there are at least 2 enemies, that means more units defending their base.


Anyway, the point is feel like Dune 2. Only the first/second wave are dangerous (and with turrets you almost can forget about defending). Then the idea is looking the best way to attack the enemy base.

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