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Hello, i added a section about Dune II fangames (http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dune_II_fangames) in the Dune Wiki (http://dune.wikia.com). I hope it helps to let people know about those good works that keep the great Dune II alive.


Note that i didn't mean to add "everything" (such as minor or non working projects), since it is an encyclopedia, not a resource for developers.

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Very nice!

A few notes, though:

  • Unlike the other mentioned games, OpenDune isn't a "remake"... it is an actual source code reconstruction of Dune II, created by disassembling the original game's exe file. This means it is 100% functionally identical to the original, besides some minor bug fixes they added. I edited the OpenDune and Dune Dynasty entries to fix this.

    Dune Dynasty is a continuation of the classic real-time strategy game Dune II by Westwood Studios. It is not a remake. It builds upon the original game engine as reverse-engineered by the OpenDUNE project.

  • In wiki markup, paragraph splits require an actual empty line. Single line breaks have no effect whatsoever.
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Oh hi there Non sono Mandrake! I'm sorry I haven't been following the developments here closely as of late, but it is certainly great that you have taken to expanding the Dune Wiki - I'm afraid it has not been updated (or generally attended to) in a very long time. Thank you very much!

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