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  1. the site is still there, but substantially nothing happened in 4 years. Pure vaporware
  2. What a nice surprise, I still had Demo 4 and I didn't notice the resuming of development until now. In Demo 4 you could also add a music pack from Dune 2, is this still possible?
  3. Did I convince you to resume the project? Ask me if you need some playtesting!
  4. well, let's be realistic... the Java version is too far from completion and the people of the Dune 2 community are getting old. I understand if you're having fun with Java, but if you aim to deliver to history a complete game, maybe the Allegro version still has more chances
  5. It's a pity that you didn't just finish the Allegro version of D2TM, 10 years ago. The official demo looks like 95% complete. We could have been playing the best Dune 2 fan game for years, instead with this Java attempt it will probably end up with two unfinished games...
  6. Thank you, it worked, and without DosBox. Also, the italian PAK worked on Dune Legacy. Dune Dynasty actually supported the unpacked .FRE files, so in this case it wasn't necessary.
  7. Hello, does anyone still have a PAK creator, like WWPAK? The links above don't work anymore and i can't find it on the net. I'm looking for it because i have the (maybe rare) italian/spanish version of Dune II, and i'd like to try if it works with Dune Legacy or Dune Dynasty. Problem is that it comes with the *.FRE and *.GER files unpacked, instead of the FRENCH.PAK and GERMAN.PAK file (french files actually contain italian text and german actually contain spanish). Maybe repacking them...
  8. Hi, the ticket system in Sourceforge seems closed, so i'll leave a suggestion here. Double-clicking on a unit should select all units of that type. It's a standard in modern games! Thanks
  9. Thanks! don't worry i know wiki markup, i'm just not a fan of tiny paragraphs...
  10. Hello, i added a section about Dune II fangames (http://dune.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Dune_II_fangames) in the Dune Wiki (http://dune.wikia.com). I hope it helps to let people know about those good works that keep the great Dune II alive. Note that i didn't mean to add "everything" (such as minor or non working projects), since it is an encyclopedia, not a resource for developers.
  11. I got the game to work by setting driver=direct3d in the .cfg file. Good work with the game! I would suggest to raise the max unit limit in skirmishes with many players. Sometimes you can't even get the first harvester at start...
  12. Hello, i've just downloaded Dune Dynasty 1.5.7, but when i try to run it i only get an error window: "Could not create display!". I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit. I've copied the required PAK files to \data. Any suggestion? Thank you
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