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Make Dune 2 Mod for Win-7 without Dosbox or Dfend


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Hello community,


I'm very interesting in making own dune 2 games / mods.


I already made own fan-games of maniac mansion, if you know the original game.



At first I just make something with the scenario editor and the d2editor (for editing the assets of the units and structures).



I found out, that many mods, editors and other programms couldn't be started on Win-7.



Are there possiblities to make dune 2 (and own mods & editions) runable on Windows 7 in windowed mode without using dosbox.


This would be important, because many playes wouldn't like to play the games, if they won't run on new Windows versions.




Thanks in advance.



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I think that would take remaking the whole game.

Which, incidentally, has been done :P

OrdosConquerer: check out Dune Dynasty. It's an enhanced version of Dune II built on the disassembly work of OpenDune. It is, essentially, Dune II recompiled on 32 bit, with enhanced user interface. Despite the UI tweaks, though, its internals are 100% the original Dune II :)

(You need the EU 1.07 version of Dune II to play it. If you don't have it, chances are it can be found somewhere on my site ;))

My own Dune II editor has been developed alongside it, and can be used to mod it, if you just add an original game exe with it. You can use the editor to mod Dune Dynasty by making the changes in the Dune II exe file using the editor, and then exporting them to ini by pressing F7 in the editor.

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