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Why are you here?


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Just curious. Yes, i hope most of you will answer this cause i'm sure we all have alot in common. i'm here because i want to help if i can. i'm not saying that i think i'm needed or anything. Another thing that keeps me comming back is that most of you think alot like me. i like that. Reading through all these posts made me decide to learn programming. i'd be more usefull if i could do that...

i read the first book of Dune when i was 9. For me this was something of a feat since i don't talk english at home. Up until now i have read many novels, for me the best is definitely Robert Jordan's Wheel of time. But Dune will always have a special place with me, after all - i've watched the movie, got the movie soundtrack CD and the games (i owe my computer literacy to Dune2).

Another reason i like the Duniverse could be that the 3 places on earth i'd most like to see are deserts. Monument Valey in Utah, the great sand sea in Namibia (1200 km across the border- the roads are bad), and Iceland (ice desert). i also read everything i can find about planet Mars- don't know why...


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I'm here because of three main reasons.

1st: I love the Duniverse

2nd: I love RTSs

3rd: I want to help the fellow man :)

My skills to help the achievement of this goal, however, are also only three:

1st: Graphics designing ( both hand-drawn & renderings )

2nd: Techno-babble. I pretty much can tell you anything about any modern combat unit.

3rd: Originality ( even though Adam might disagree ;D ... )

BTW, I'm off for a week on vacations, so don't test my 2nd skill yet.

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Im here because i think this is the best chance dune fans have of getting a quality RTS game that follows the books and id like to be a part of it.

i guess my skills are:

1.) organizing, ideas

2.) making sure the game follows the book(s) as close as possible

3.) spouting detailed facts about the books to help the game design =)

I read dune when i was 12 and fell in love with it ever since, I make it a ritual to read the book itself at least once a year.

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