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Hey Stefan in dune 2 for the sega genesis u get a statistic screen which show you how many building u lost and killed and how many units u lost and killed. Also there was a picture of the battefield at the back. Think this can be done for arrakis? i mean the original.

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I will not continue with Version 1.13, and even if i wanted to, i could not do that, only the lost and destroyed units are displayed. (no picture). But in Arrakis 2000 will be more elements, hmm like:

spice mined, water gained, units lost/destroyed, structures lost/destroyed, units created ( this would be cool to see how many units you needed to defeat the cpu).

Hmm, any more ideas?

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Guest Gouafhg

It'll be hard to make music for the intro, since peaces in the music must be combined with stuff in the intro... gfx and story etc... so... then we have to work close together and I'm in sweden ( if I even get the job lol )... so that's hard...

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