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Dune 2 on the Iphone


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Well, last week I discovered Dune2 for my (new) Iphone.

I suspect a Russian guy made it. Since you can choose english or russian. And I enjoyed it very much. The game play is very good actually. Good control and all.

The current version is at 0.93


Can anyone tell me if there are threads about this version on this forum? Well, the right ones I guess.


There are still several bugs etc...

I discovered that once a sand worm appears. It immediately swallows 3 units in short succession. They also seem to have twice the speed than the original version.

That's right, I had a version where the Sand worm could be out run, swallowed at random and could eat 6 units. Once you are on the rocks, the sand worm doesn't wait, but actually moves away again at random.


Another one:

Once an enemy building is rebuild. Your units don't seem to automatically attack it. To bad, I lost a lot of units to the rebuild of turrets this way.

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Any experience until now AQIB?



In some missions, my units get damaged little by little again. Just by driving around. I noticed especially with the Harkonnen.


The Rocket Launcher and the Devastator slowly gain damage.

Why? Is it a bug or supposed to happen? And how did it once again get into an open source version?

While the buildings do not get damage over time in the iphone version.



Mission 8 with the Harkonnen.

Again ornithopters. The original didn't have this.

I had chosen the Ordos region. So I expected only Saboteurs. But I got a Fremen group first. Luckily, they suck. However, the enemy suddenly attacked with 3 siege tanks, 2 missile tanks, a deviator, and that ornithopter -.-

Perhaps less preparations for mass Palaces is in need. But I need to get Rockets Turrets faster. I could have had 3 more then 1,once the orni attacks. But still, this doesn't make much sense.

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