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Spend less time - or build one really, really good mod that combines the features of all your mods together. No-one wants to download all these little mods and switch between them all the time - I mean, there must be about 20 of them! Make a really brilliant all-round one and that'll work well.

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I think you should go for d) that is, find everybody that wants to help and completely change all units and add new to make a completely new setting. Do that and everybody's gonna be happy. I'll help with anything you need right now. Icon Graphics, new units, blah blah, more blah blah and anything else you can think of. Not because I like to do it, but because I want to help you for a change.


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well thanks This really helps and Riper how is the editor?

PS I can't email you for some reason. Please give me another address. Also if my betatesters are here if you guys sent me an email I didn't recieve it even if the mail is really old please resend as the last Time I recieved mail from you was ages.

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Or maybe today :D

TibEd v1.52 is now ready. The full version can be downloaded from this URL:


Please note that it has a bandwidth limit, it will do for now, but once I officially release it bandwidth is going to be a real problem...

If you already have TibEd v1.5x installed, you can download the patch to v1.52:


New in Emperor editor module beta 2


- not compatible with Alpha 1 savefiles. E-mail me for a converter if you really need it.

- icons extracted from game -> now small enough to be in the standard distribution (which is a good thing, everyone downloading has it by default unless they unselect it)

- actual normal unit names

- minor building support, with names for common buildings

- It's a work in progress. Planning to do regular updates.

Note: this editor can have problems with the veterancy system; if you're having this then try moving keys around on the manual page.

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