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Edric O

How to fix your profile picture (if it's surrounded by a colour border)

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We switched our forum software almost three years ago, but since then, some people have had their profile pictures showing up with thick coloured borders (usually in a shade of brown or gray). These are usually profile pictures that were carried over from the previous forum software, and often they are custom profile pics. So this problem mostly affects "old timers". My own profile picture had this problem until just a few weeks ago, when I finally decided to look for a way to fix it.

So here is the solution:

1. Go to your profile (click on your picture near the top-left of your window).

2. Click on the word "change" near your picture in your profile.

3. This will open an editor. Click on the "adjust crop" button, and crop your picture by cutting out the colour border.

I hope that helps! I will keep this topic pinned for some time, until I can be reasonably confident that all the affected people have seen it.

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Haha :D Thanks.





The picture to crop doesn't have its border around, however clicking Ok anyway seems to have done it. That or I reuploaded the picture, not sure what it did in the end (there's a browse button but no upload button!).

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Thanks for figuring out how to fix it Edric! Those borders are really annoying.

Maybe there's a way to globally fix that though, without the need for individual users to edit their profiles? Some old-timers like Nema don't seem to show up frequently anymore.

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