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Modding Discovery 2013


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ViewRange = 500 - Roughly Reveals the Entire Map (anything other values, such as 100, 200, 300, 400 cause internal errors)



When i say Roughly reveals the entire map, It leaves tiny fog patches here and there, like very small, not as efficient as a reveal crate but gets the job done.





if Anybody else has any knowledge of Emperor possibilities please post them here.

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Negative extradamage and extrarange was known? The fact you can assign before veterancy too?


There is also a way to make air unit recharge in platform like orni but also stay on air like the air drone? Usually or it is orni = true or adf = true, if I set both true it just don't rearm.


And anyone tried hover infantry? Graphically is possible but it doesn't hover.

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Ive never messed with hover infantry. I would like to enable the GUScavanger to have an actual function, i dont think giving it a weapon is possible although ive never tried and when it is made into an advanced carryall it can grab units and hold them still but it will not take off again. Unless we can find a way around this


Edit: Saying that, Isnt the Fremen Rider a form of hover infantry?

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When I set CanFly = TRUE on an infantry model the game just ignore that and all land units attack it, using Ornithoptor = TRUE or adf = TRUE doesn't work...but using heigtoffset works...that is the reason I tought hover infantry was possible...but game crash if I add the ability of go over dustbowl.

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Thats a strange concept to be working with, il have to play with it sometime... btw i the Veiwrange = 500 was causing errors, it would randomly crash depending on the map.


Sometimes it would cause errors depending on how far you were zoomed in other times it seemed to cause crashes if the radar was built first.


So i worked at it, annoying as it was, but i think i found a full proof solution for the dune "Spy-Sat" Logic



ViewRange = 1000, 1000,InfRock, Rock, Sand, NBRock,DustBowl, Ramp, Cliff, MapEdge, Water





if you want to see what i mean, where it reveals parts of the map, but leaves the radar looking fuzzy until cleared. have a look on my mod thread at the recent screen i posted.


if you play around with this concept sometime and notice any crashes please let me know so we can find a work around, i had a few games and tests and it seemed to perform well every time

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Another discovery i made today was that Towers can upgrade to Veteran and above, They will not display a veteran sign, but if you watch them you can see when they upgrade and the traits such as "Self Heal" give effect. If you raise the extrarange be sure to include "RangeIndicator = XX" within the veteran level




Notice how the range has increased with the range indicator at the moment of veteran.


One bug i notice is that when you abort the game to the menu and click exit, whilst the game closes an internal error comes up, this is not a problem as it doesnt effect game play at all

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