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Tibed Variables for Dune 2000


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Well i was just poking around tibed for Dune 2000 and saw these bytes changed some attributes of the building and there were more...

I'll post them here and keep on updating new variables to this list when i get them....


Unkown Byte 92 - This byte is used by the game to see if it is a special building(ie: builds or trains stuff)


0-Wind Trap, Reasearch Center
2-Construction Yard
6-Repair Pad
7-Light Factory
8-Heavy Factory
9-High Tech Factory
10-AtriedesHigh Tech Factory
16-Gun Turret, Rocket Turret
17-Harkonnen Palace
18-Ordos Palace
19-Atriedes Palace


Unknown Bytes 80, 81 & 84-Changes the placement square in the game from 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 etc...


Byte 80(adds blocks to middle row)

Byte 81(adds blocks to bottom row)

Byte 84(adds blocks to top row)







Premade Shapes

Bytes                                 80      81     84

1x1(silo,turrets)                   1        0        1

2x2(fremen stiech)              51      0        51

2x3(Barracks,Wind Trap)      51      3        51

3x3(L.Fac)                         119     7       119

3x3+1(H fac ,res centr)      114     119    114




PS:The list is not complete and will be edited untill all the bytes have been decyphered

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Nope, it looks like Byte89 is if a building can be selected and if it can be captured by engies

93 have something to do with it also

Changing 92 for concrete to 0 makes it act buggy, and changing it to 1 gives you a map ???  Oh, 92 is if it's a special building, I forgot 

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Bytes 96, 97, 98 and 99 are right

15 is right

changing byte132 to 1 for Hark Con yard it can't be selected

Changing byte140 to 255 shows no difference for gun turret 

Byte138 is right

Byte139 is right



Byte54 is right

Byte0 is right

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with these moddings, can you play both atreides and other hosue like ordos ? would be fun to control  two  different  faction bases

Not with TibEd, but that would be very cool.

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i remember another rts game that was  cool, and allowed that - it was  outlive game  made by continuum.  it was similar to red alert 2 , but  very "functional" map editor allowed   to  spawn units and force move them to  specified location, if  dune would be programmed like this and  we could have ability to force move ai units would be great  as could be used for some role play msisions

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