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[RELEASE] Dune 2000 UI Table Editor


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Today I have released the UI Table Editor.




* New in 0.3 Now supports editing Menus.UIB and Colours.UIB (in addition to the original support for Text.UIB and Samples.UIB)
New in 0.3 Now supports loading and automatically fixes .UIB files saved in Siberian String Table Editor
New in 0.3 Added Find feature
New in 0.3 Rebranded to UI Table Editor (originally String Table Editor)


Download at D2K+

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Thank you for updating the modding the tools.


I must admit that I haven't been able to use this (previous) tool to its full potential, because some things are unknown. For example, where is the "samples.uib" for and how is it all linked?


Would you perhaps consider adding a short text with information on how to use your modding tool(s) on the download page?


Lol, I'm not the brightest of minds, I just realised UI stands for user interface.......

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You're very welcome :-)


Samples.UIB holds mappings of keys to .aud files in GAMESFX and the wav files contained within SOUNDS.RS (which you can open using the Sound Effect Tool at D2K+)


I'm not sure how helpful this is, since Templates.bin (which holds what units use what sounds, for example) uses the sound index rather than key. There is also a set of keys inside the .dat file.


It may be that the UIL files use the keys.

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